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Should I build a podcast studio in my coworking space?

TLDR: It’s complicated. Question(s): Should I build a podcast studio? How do you manage it? How much did it cost? I get this question often. Most coworking spaces (including my own) provide familiar amenities like coffee, wifi and a place to sit. -When we built our podcast studio, we were looking for a way to […]

Who makes the coffee at your coworking space?

received the following question from a soon to be opening coworking space. “I see in your terms that people make their own coffee. Does that work well?” TLDR: Set the expectations clearly from day one that you are not there to make coffee for your members. Make the process easy. Guess what? Members will make it […]

Let’s talk dirty [mugs].

ait, your members don’t all wash their mugs either? TLDR:  There’s pretty much nothing you can do to eliminate the mugs in the sink issue completely but there are steps to be taken to make it better. I can and likely will forever gripe about this issue. It weighs on me daily and no matter […]