Marketing your coworking space on Instagram – Part 2 – Text over images & asking for engagement

TLDR: No cutting corners. Read it!

Disclaimer: These are my experiences at Hygge and from running a marketing agency. There are a good bit of personal feelings below. I’m hoping that a new space, rather than taking months to figure it out can make smart decisions from the get-go.

You may have a wildly different experience and that’s awesome. Send me an email here and I’ll update the post with your experiences.

Marketing your space on Instagram
Part 1 – Read it here
Part 2 – Text over images & asking for engagement

For Part 2 I’m going to be a bit briefer and focus on specific tactics that are connected and work. Specifically, text over images, the idea that people don’t read and asking for engagement. They go hand in hand with the way I’m going to frame this.

Text over images

It’s very rare that some text overlay takes a photo to the next level or communicates all the information you could possibly want. This a pretty common practice that I don’t understand. Here’s why people do it.

  1. They are afraid people don’t read their captions.
  2. Writing good captions is hard and time-consuming.
  3. They just don’t know better and it’s a common practice they see elsewhere.

I’m leaning more towards 1 and 3 being the main culprits and then number 1,ย being the big offender. We’re so scared that people will not end up in the caption. That’s ok! I get it, so let’s give people a reason to read and that starts with your photos.

Invest the time and possibly a little money in higher quality photography that evokes an emotion drive people to your caption. A thoughtful pose or angle that only a photographer will see can shift the way everyone engages a photo. If your following sees something they like in a photo or peaks their interest they are going to read the caption. Take the photo below. No text and one of our most liked and engaged photos in a long time. It’s interesting enough to get people to read the caption.

  1. Why is Brittany jumping 4 feet in the air?
  2. Why is Garrett pointing to Charlotte Magazine?

All valid questions that are answered in the caption.


Asking for engagement

This is a fun tactic to see if you have an engaged following. See the Instagram post below. Before we opened location three we were deciding over which triangle detail to paint on the side of the building. We had 5 styles, all of which we were perfectly fine putting on the building. Instead of deciding ourselves we put it to a vote on Instagram.

130 comments later we had our answer.

No text overlay. Just a quick caption asking people to weigh in and man, do people love giving their opinion. The ability to have a say and shape something is incredibly enticing for people. Give them the chance and you’ll be rewarded with some awesome engagement.

I love this stuff. As we work on new locations we’re going to intentionally work in opportunities for audience feedback. Keep this in mind to get people engaged.

I’m closing this one here and will be back soon with a part 3 on marketing on Instagram. I’ll be talking about frequency, post schedules, what to post and when. Yup, that’s right. All the content ideas.

Until then, got a question about marketing your space. Send me an email to

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