SEO for Coworking Spaces: Start with Google Reviews

TLDR: Go get some Google reviews, please.

Hi, I’m Garrett. I own and operate a 3 location coworking space in Charlotte, NC. Before starting Hygge I ran a small digital marketing agency called Ready at 7. Our focus was SEO.

Naturally, when starting Hygge I made our rankings in search a priority. For a while now we’ve lived in a world where when people need something they turn to Google. There is no better place to get an answer or find what you’re looking for.

In the case of a coworking space, the search term “Coworking in {insert city}” or a close variation should be your focus.

There’s an incredible amount of things that go into ranking a page in search. Some of you familiar with the topic might have heard things like on-page factors, title tags, meta tags or links. That’s just the beginning.

For this post I want to focus on one thing that you can do right now that can have a drastic effect on your coworking space’s ranking in search.

Google Reviews

It’s that simple.

Step 1: Claim your My Business Page

If you haven’t done so already, go claim your Google My Business page. It’s a simple process. Once you setup your location with business name, address and industry category you will have to verify the listing. Google sends a postcard to the business address with a code on it.

After receiving the postcard, go to the verification URL and enter your code. Boom. Verified.

Step 2: Get Reviews

Here’s where I would start. Reach out to your best, most dedicated members and ask them to leave a review. Never solicit a specific star rating. Remember, your biggest advocates are going to rave about you. If you’re doing a good job, 5 stars is almost guaranteed. If you can get them to write something in the review beyond just the star selection that’s an added bonus. It turns out Google prioritizes reviews with words from what we know.

We keep a regular list of members that have left a review. Once someone has been a member for a couple months we touch base and ask them to submit one.

Other ways to get reviews

Hygge regularly rents meeting space to non-members. On a normal week there’s a strong chance that more non-members through meeting space use engage our space than actual members. These groups have the potential to be huge advocates for your space.

They are often very willing to leave a review. Gauge the interactions you have with each group and nicely ask the ones that clearly appreciate the space. You have the power to pick and choose and then advantage to groups is they will likely earn you more than just a singular review. Bonus.

In closing

You don’t need 100 reviews. Just get 10-15. Earn those 5 stars and every once in a while do a quick search in a fresh browser window to see where you stand.

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