How much do we spend on coffee at our coworking space?

TLDR: Don’t skimp on one of your core amenities.

Hi, I’m Garrett! I own and operate Hygge Coworking.

I get a lot of questions about the coffee we provide at Hygge. What equipment do we use? Is it unlimited? Where do we get it from? How much do we spend?

Coffee is as important to a coworking space as Internet. Treat it like it’s a core amenity. It will pay off.

What equipment do we use?

We use Bunn commercial brewers in all 3 locations. We were able to work with the local roasters we to get them either complimentary because we are exclusively using their coffee or at wholesale pricing. They batch brew a gallon of coffee. It’s often a roaster can get a good deal on equipment. I would ask them very specifically about pricing and whether they will provide it if you use them exclusively.

Is it unlimited?

Yes. Always. We don’t limit our members. We don’t restrict brewing coffee no matter what time of day. Who makes the coffee? Find out here.

When we first opened we had 16 oz mugs. They were huge and we would go through the full air pot of coffee pretty quick. 6 months after opening we switched to smaller 9 oz mugs. People still drink the same amount but they have to go back for more rather than crushing the whole pot in one go round.

Where do we get our coffee from?

We work with 3 different local roasters. Pure Intentions Roasters, Enderly Coffee, and HEX Coffee. I recommend developing a relationship with the local roasters. I’m a big believer in support local. Most smaller, local roasters will be excited to work with you.

Each local roaster wants their coffee to taste awesome. Each has spent time calibrating our brewer for the perfect water/grounds ratio. This is important. Every roast/type of coffee is going to be different and they know what will make their coffee taste best. They’ll appreciate you if you ask for this level of service. Then once you have the correct ratios it’s easy to communicate that info to your members.

I’d make a big deal that you’re serving their coffee. They will certainly help spread the word. The more your membership grows, the more coffee is going to get consumed.

For many a craft coffee is something they have never experienced. Goodbye Maxwell house, hello great coffee. There’s no turning back. We’re big on educating our members as to why we go with some high quality coffee. We’ve even partnered with our roasters to do tasting/cupping events.

We regularly tag them in Instagram posts to share the love.

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How much do we spend?

We’re between $200-$250 per location each month. Each roaster is roughly the same cost per 5lb bag. Between $50-60 per bag. They all deliver ground coffee, no beans.

How do you handle coffee? Post a comment below or send me an email to

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  1. Brandon Olsen
    Brandon Olsen says:

    We have a drip filter coffee maker with a whole bean hopper on top that automatically grinds the right amount of coffee. We also have everything to make French press coffee and loose leaf tea. This seems to be working out really nicely so far.

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