Who makes the coffee at your coworking space?

I received the following question from a soon to be opening coworking space.

“I see in your terms that people make their own coffee. Does that work well?”

TLDR: Set the expectations clearly from day one that you are not there to make coffee for your members. Make the process easy. Guess what? Members will make it themselves.

I have met people that run spaces that do all the coffee brewing and on the opposite side, there are spaces like my own (Hygge) where the majority of coffee is member brewed.

How did we accomplish this? It’s all setting expectations and making it really easy.

From the moment a potential member is introduced to Hygge we are constantly setting expectations. Noise, meeting space usage, dogs in the space and yes, coffee brewing.  Coffee is integral to our space and yours as well. We make it very clear during that initial tour that we teach members how to brew coffee (it’s easy). If a member wants coffee, no matter what time it is and the air pot is empty then brew a new batch.

We make it clear that if you get the last of what’s in the air pot and it’s not 4pm or later then throw on a new batch. Yeah, occasionally we dump out a fairly full pot at the end of the day but it’s worth empowering members in this case. I promise.

How do we make it easy? Our setup is as follows.

We use a commercial grade Bunn brewer that brews directly into coffee air pots. The Bunn brewer is connected directly to a water line so that each batch is consistent as long as the member puts the correct amount of coffee in the filter. The output is about 1 gallon per batch which is 5-6 cups.

The steps are:

That’s it. Easy, right?

Let me be clear. I brew coffee. If I am the first person in or it’s empty and I want a cup a coffee later in the day and no one has brewed new coffee I do it.

Do you brew all the coffee for your members? Do you have a different setup? Tell me more! Hit the comments below or shoot me an email to garrett@wearehygge.com.

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