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A community by coworking space operators for space operators because we all have a couple [insert name]s.

Running a coworking space can get lonely. We’re all building communities for our members and often neglect to create one for ourselves.

Enter Please Wash Your Mugs. A community for you.

We get it. We’re committed.

We’re committed to building this and that’s going to take time. We run a 3, soon to be 5 location coworking space called hygge. We’ve watched other online coworking communities go dormant, not follow their own rules, be overrun by service providers posting all their “content”, and had my DMs flooded by them as well the moment we post a single thing. We are tired of it.

We want a community of owners, operators and community managers that get it.

Slack community

What if you had a place where you could ask a question and someone would always respond? The response may be the exact answer, a dose of encouragement and/or a connection to another space that dealt with a similar situation.

That’s what we’re building here. No service providers. Just coworking owners, operators and community managers.

Mentor time

Consider us your coworking best friends! Need 15 minutes to talk through an issue or need someone to bounce a cool new idea off of. Let’s hop on and talk it out.

Right now, Sean, Mike and myself are dedicated to being available but we’re hoping people like you, when you’re comfortable may be open to offering a little of your time to talk through things with other operators.

Once you’re in we’ll give you access to a calendar where you can book time.

Biweekly newsletter

We don’t want you to miss a single thing. We know you’re out there building community so we’ll do some of the heavy lifting. Every other week we will compile

  • Small actionable to-dos that can help improve your space from marketing to community building.
  • Can’t miss conversations from our Slack group
  • Original articles written just for you and this community
  • Resources from around the web
  • The best of the best articles from other coworking websites

It’s time

Your community is waiting.

If you‘re ready, hit the button here and fill out a short questionnaire. We’ll follow up shortly after with official sign up links and access to the community.

“Hey wait! You said no service providers, but you’re a service provider.” We know. We promise never to sell to you. All smpl questions get moved immediately to DMs.”

Thoughts on coworking

As things come up and/or we have experiences running our own spaces Garrett will be writing it all down. Real experiences from a real operator.

We are not going to gate these behind the community. We hope you’ll be a part of Please Wash Your Mugs officially but you don’t have to be to read these posts.

Who are we?

We’re made up of a multi-location coworking space owner, a community manager and just about the most avid coworker that exists.

Meet Garrett. He owns and operates a 3, soon to be 5 location coworking space in Charlotte, NC called Hygge Coworking. You can find him on Twitter @garretttichy.

Meet Sean. He’s been coworking since 2015 from SF to CLT and has been a Community Manager at Hygge. He’s excellent at building Ikea furniture. Please don’t follow him on twitter.

Meet Mike.

Ask a question

Do you have a question about all of this before joining? Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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